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Our Teens Club is part of the world renowned YMAA Ireland banner, we have classes and a flexible schedule suitable to meet the health, self defense and social needs of 12 - 17 year old boys and girls. 

Visit our Parent site to book your teens place in our club!



We recognize that Teens need something different to make the prospect of taking up a martial art or continuing their earlier training an attractive


The club offers a positive environment filled with great role models and mentors to help them through the formative teenage years.  We have taken the fun aspect of the Kung Fu 4 kids program and combines the best of Yang's Martial Arts Association (a world famous martial arts organization headed by Master Yang, Jwing Ming), realistic Self defense and the sports of ‘Sanda' and Brazilian Jujitsu.

Our Teen members will feel  challenged, learn responsibility, progress efficiently through the

grading program and develop confidence and find themselves belonging to a group of like minded, focused and driven people.



Not just a martial arts club!

The club ethos is one of fun while at the same time helping our members developing their physical, mental and social well being.  

With regular fitness tests balanced with Pizza days, movie nights, training camps, competitions, regular gradings and the chance to train abroad we are more than just martial arts club.

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