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Our club, established in 1984, joined Yang's Martial Arts Association in 1996.  One of the oldest and most successful martial arts clubs in Ireland we have a great reputation of which we are justly proud. 

Visit our Parent site to join our club! 

Select one of our Kung Fu membership plans.

Membership will give you full access to all classes in the schedule and new members have a dedicated class each Monday at 6pm to help build your foundations, fitness and mobility and learn the content for the first two grades!



As part of the YMAA Family we teach the traditional Styles of Shaolin Longfist Kung Fu and White Crane Kung Fu   We also incorporate the combat sports of Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) Shuai Jiao (Chinese Wrestling and realistic Self defence programs.  Additionally we offer Brazilian Jujitsu as part of our schedule to all members.  Established members also have access to small group Tai Chi Chuan Training. 



Our class structure creates a fun and challenging environment building skills, good health/fitness and a positive mental wellbeing.  By following our comprehensive grading program our members can set goals and will have regular opportunities to reach their targets.  As well as good quality training, as part of an international organization we have many opportunities for socializing and travel within our YMAA Family and also regularly host Top quality Masters from Portugal, Poland, France and USA.


Our academy offers a welcoming and friendly place for our members to escape the stresses of everyday life and learn one of the treasures of Chinese Culture. 

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