Welcome to YMAA Ireland

We are the Headquarters for YMAA Ireland and are the Dublin Representatives of Yang's Martial Arts Association, a worldwide organisation with almost 60 schools in 18 different countries. YMAA is headed by Dr Yang Jwing Ming; - a Master of Shaolin Longfist and White Crane Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong and is also a world renowned Historian and Author.


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YMAA International Seminars and Testing - 23rd - 27th of April 2015

We will be hosting Master Pedro Rodriguez and Master Robert Was's in April 2015. During these upcoming Dublin seminars all YMAA members can attend to grade for part of or all of their next grade. Take the oppuntunity to push yourself to the next stage of your training. Deadline for application is the 13th of April and only those who commit to training hard and often should apply. Pre-testing on the 15th of April is mandatory.

Full details of Seminars and Test application forms will be here soon

YMAA Teens Club - More than just a Kung Fu Club

YMAA Ireland run a dedicated Martial Arts club catering especially for new and existing members from 12 to 16 years old. With a flexible schedule and varied classes, there is plenty of time allocated for the young members to develop into the Kung Fu custodians of the future. With regular gradings, fitness tests, movie night, demos, competitions, training camps and foreign trips, YMAA Ireland is a special place to spend your time and learn quality martial arts, self defence and Chinese Kickboxing. Contact us to arrange a free tryout Kung Fu class.


The Martial Arts Academy - Co. Dublins top Martial Arts Classes & facilities.

This full time Academy is conveniently located in Deansgrange Business Park, in Co. Dublin. The Academy houses Dublins most successful junior club -Kung Fu 4 Kids and is the home of YMAA Ireland's Headquarters.

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We are 30! 1984 - 2014 !

Established in 1984 the next generation are continuing the journey!

Our schools Celebates 30 years of Martial Arts in Co Dublin. We are one of the longest and most successful Martial Arts clubs in Ireland. Thank you to our teachers for setting us on our way! Our journey is just beginning.....

Join us for the next 30 ;-) .....

New Adult members are welcome!

We offer a free week of classes to adults (+16) We have classes for all levels and whether you are looking to join our team of champs or increase you physical and mental wellbeing through a quality martial arts program, we are the club for you! Follow Dr. Yangs world famous Martial art training. Including Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong, Sanshou, Chin Na, Weapons .....

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