MASTER YANG – 14th – 16th of October

Master Yang will visit Dublin for a series of seminars . All welcome, beginners and advanced alike .  Everyone will find a level suitable for them. There will be certified training in Pushing Hands and Chin Na and a lecture with Ms Kathy Yang who will teach Traditional Chinese Medicine Methods on ‘Pain Relief & Management’.  FULL DETAILS.

Chin Na Locking

Seize and control with Joint locks
Level 1: Theory, History and Categories of Chin Na and Structure of the joints.
Finger, Wrist, elbow, Shoulder, Neck and Waist locks.
There are 6 levels of Chin Na in the YMAA program each member will be placed
according to their experience and knowledge.

Pushing Hands Certification

Tai Chi Pushing Hands: Seminar Levels 1 & 2 (+ elements of 3)
Listening, following, sticking, adhering and rooting.
Basic Jing, Single and double pushing hands, Taiji Symbol, Peng Lu Ji An, Small &
Large Rollback and Cai, Lie, Zhu, Kao routine.

Pain Relief and Management

Traditional Chinese Medicine: – Pain Relief and Management
Ms. Kathy Yang holds a M.Sc. in Chinese Medicine as well as a B. Sc. in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Clinical Exercise, Physiology. She brings with her a wide range of clinical experience and knowledge gained from her placement in Beijing, China and her work as a neuroscience research assistantat Mass. General Hospital.

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